17 devices that mimic quail calls have been confiscated

Confiscated devices that mimic Quail calls

The Directorate of Nature Conversation and Natural Parks in Zonguldak have confiscated electronic devices that tried to mimic quail calls during their poaching inspection. Despite the investigation, poachers could not be found.

Director Sezgin Örneci, who explained that Zonguldak was a rich hunting ground, and that those with the necessary papers and permits could hunt huntable species during the hunt season without exceeding the legal limits, also said:

“Quail hunting is popular in our area this season. That’s because quails migrate during September and October. While there are hunters that adhere to the procedure, we also have poachers. Using electronics while hunting is illegal. Poachers operate these devices that mimic the quail calls with accumulators. The sound from the speakers charm quails into assembling in that area. This method of hunting is neither ethical, nor does it help the declining quail population. We have confiscated 17 devices in September and in October.”

In case they are caught, Örneci said that the poachers will be fined for 260 Liras.

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