Attack on a night club in Istanbul leaves 39 dead and 69 injured

Aftermath of the terror attack on Ortakoy

At approximately 1.15AM, an assailant of unknown affiliations entered the night club Reina in Ortakoy/Istanbul. The assailant, identified to be an adult male, pulled out an automatic rifle and sprayed the people celebrating the arrival of the new year with bullets, killing 39 and leaving another 69 injured. Aside from one police officer, all of the casualties were civilians.

Minister of the Interior Suleyman Soylu has explained that the signs so far pointed towards ISIS; and there are unconfirmed reports of ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack indeed. The assailant apparently had a change of clothes inside and escaped, without saying anything to tie him to any known terrorist organizations. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has expressed that the claims of the assailant entering the building under the guise of a Santa costume were false.

Mehmet Kocarslan, owner of the club, pointed out the warning US Consulate had posted regarding the new year’s eve; and said that the measures taken to counter the inevitable terror attack were not enough. He fell victim to social media disinformation however, and was falsely quoted saying that CIA had warned him about the attack. The accusations of involvement from foreign intelligence services have since been falsified.

The shooting entered the Wikipedia’s new terror page, listing it as the first terror event of 2017.

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