Bat stool splits communities into two

Bat stool on buildings in Antalya

Deniz and Bahcelievler neighborhoods in Antalya, which are among the most luxurious ones, are experiencing a crisis due to bats defecating on apartments. The problem has been divisive for the community, with some calling for the local government to get involved, and others wanting to leave the animals in peace.

“Pidgeons defecate on our balconies all the time, my wife cleans it. What should we do, make the bats wear underwear?” said Mustafa Ozturk, Headman of the Deniz Neigbourhood.

After a citizen talked to the newspapers and said that a state intervention was necessary; another one, Abdi Yalcin, expressed his concern and said: “I prefer bats to citizens. Bats don’t hurt me, people hurt me”.

There seems to be no end in sight to the Great Bat Stool Crisis.

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