Celebrity fashion designer Barbaros Sansal gets arrested over a video he posted on social media

Barbaros Sansal escaping from the lynch attempt

Barbaros Sansal, a Turkish celebrity fashion designer, was arrested over a video that he posted on social media. In the video, Sansal is seen criticizing the indifferent attitude against the various crimes committed in Turkey, including the arrests of various journalists and organized child abuse, and expressing that he was going to consume alcohol even though the leading Turko-Islam mentality shuns such activities. Sansal ends the video with the sentence “drown in your own shit Turkey”.

After the video went viral in various social media platforms, Sansal was instantly deported from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He arrived in Istanbul that night, where he got beaten by a gathering crowd that included members from Turkish Ground Services. Both Sansal and his attackers were detained; while Sansal was arrested, all of his attackers (who designated “hurt national feelings” as their motive) walked free.

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The designer is sent to jail with the charge of “insulting the public and inciting them towards anger and hostility”. In other and totally unrelated news, President Erdogan recently talked about how his administration never pressured anyone into changing their way of life. His performance was a fine addition to his series of speeches about how Turkey sets the example on freedom of speech, and was well received.

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