“Contractor” imam dupes his clients

Hafiz Engin Sari

Hafiz Engin Sari earned the people’s trust when he was working as an imam for the Chaplaincy of Izmit. He, then, proceeded to found a construction firm with his wife, Gülsen Sari, called “Beyim ve Mebrur Construction”.

For a year, Beyim ve Mebrur Construction was contracted for over 500 projects, as Sari had masterfully appeared as just an honest priest participating in the construction business. However, things started to look a little shaky as he failed to complete the buildings, and yet asked for more money from his clients, which reportedly even included a judge from the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors.

After some time, it was revealed that Sari hadn’t even started to build some of his contracted projects, and in multiple occasions, had sold the houses to multiple clients. In addition, no one was issued a certificate of ownership.

Ahmet Pinar, a judge that Sari has duped, has started an attachment and garnishment process; but the Sari family appear to have fled with the money, as they are nowhere to be found.

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