Director of National Education: Fire atheist and communist teachers

fire atheist and communist teachers in Turkey

Vefa Bardakci, who formerly stated that atheist and communist teachers should be fired from their jobs, have been appointed as Ankara Provincial Director of National Education.

In 20 August, 2014 at Konak Hasan Saglam Teacherage, in a meeting with teachers according to claims, he said “Imam Hatip High Schools and Secondary Schools are the symbols of morals and religion. In Izmir, a city in the west of Turkey, we were unable to plant Imam Hatip culture. I fought in favour of opening Imam Hatip schools in Izmir for years now. I wish these steps had been taken 10 years ago. I have done all of these for god’s sake. I hope we will see the results. There are some atheist and communist teachers at your schools. If you give responsibility of students to these teachers, they will teach them Darwin’s theories. Communist teachers teach kids and they brainwash students. Our religion suffers in the end. That’s why Religious Culture teachers are very important. I will never let my students get brainwashed. In Izmir, everybody tries to act nice and nobody takes risks. My dear friends, take risks. Tell atheist and communist teachers to get the hell out of here and fire them from their jobs. If you have such teachers where you teach, bring them to your rooms and bully them. If that doesn’t work, I will take their statements. If need be, I will exile them myself.”

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