Donald Trump Jr. trophy hunts in Antalya

Donald Trump Jr. in Antalya

Donald Trump Jr., the 38 year old son of the President-Elect Donald Trump, has hunted and killed two roe deer in the Oluklu Highland inside Sarikaya Field of Wild Life Development in the Finike district of Antalya.

It has been reported that he had a permit from the Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, and that he hunted on Sunday. Trump had a security detail of five bodyguards.

The news, pushed by the Turkish news agencies, went viral in the social media. However, some news sources were incorrect in their reporting, posting the picture of Eric Trump instead.

Paid trophy hunting remains a controversial topic. While it is proven to be a working model to fund wild life conservation efforts in natural parks, the ethics of the act remains in question throughout the world, as the donors request rights to kill a pre-determined number of animals within the park.

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