A drunk woman slaps a female police officer and sticks her fingers into her eyes

In the city of Aydin on the Aegean region of Turkey, a drunk woman slapped a female police officer and sticked her finger into the eye of the police officer. After the police officer was treated, the drunk woman was taken under custody upon the complaint of the officer.

Aydin Police Department squads stopped a taxi on Aydin-Mugla road for a routine check at 01:00 at night. After checking the taxi driver’s documents, police officers wanted to check the passenger’s documents as well. Passenger named O.Y. resisted and did not hand in her documents. Then female police officer Yasemin Otavli asked her not to cause difficulties and hand in the documents. According to claims, O.Y. replied by saying “who are you? Do you trust your uniform?” and slapped the officer and sticked her fingers into the eyes of Officer Otavli and cursed.

Officer Otavli was taken to Aydin State Hospital. It was learnt that the condition of the officer was good. Upon the complaints of the officer, O.Y. was taken into custody but later set free by the prosecutor.

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