We left another busy week behind and sadly we need to talk about some of the highlights in a detailed way.

Let’s begin with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Again… Last week, we tried to hint you a little that he enjoys saying highly controversial stuff, and unsurprisingly, he couldn’t resist the temptation last week either. What did Erdogan say this time? Well, in Erdogan’s standards it is not a huge scandal, but for us it was big enough to cover it in our analysis.

Erdogan made a public speech at Trabzon Airport to the people who welcomed him. During his speech, he said, “One can die either like a man or a woman.” while he was talking about the failed coup attempt in Turkey last summer. We can’t really vouch for Erdogan regarding his respect for women, as he has proved himself to be almost an anti-women figure for years now.

recep tayyip erdogan

Here is a bunch of quotes from Erdogan about women:

“I am not sure if that woman is a virgin or not.” (About Dilsat Akat, who was at a protest for the death of a civilian killed by the police during Erdogan’s rally)

“Violence against woman is exaggerated.” (From 2003 till 2010, there has been a 1400% increase in the number of women murdered)

“I don’t believe in equality between man and woman, anyway.” (From his speech at his party’s women branch)

“The ones who say, ‘It’s my body; It’s my decision’ are feminists.”

“I see abortion as a murder.”

“A woman who rejects motherhood is deficient and incomplete.”

Wow! Obviously, Erdogan has a huge respect for women. We don’t have words to describe it. His quotes speak for him.

While we were writing this analysis, the Minister of Family and Social Policies also commented on the failed coup attempt and funnily almost copied Erdogan’s words and said, “Turkish women know well to die as a man. We proved it on the 15 July (the day of the coup attempt by Gulenists). We have eight women martyrs. May God rest their soul.”

fatma betul sayan

Is there anyone reasonable left in this country? Seriously?

Elsewhere, the Minister of European Union, Omer Celik, said “There is a first class European democracy in Turkey.”

omer celik

Hmmm… Did he forget the fact that Turkey has been in state of emergency since the coup attempt? Or he has the courage of ignorance?

We made a little research for you to see how well Turkey does in terms of democratic rights. Do we really have the best democracy? Let’s check the facts.

We have gone through some of the most reliable democracy index watch groups, and the findings suggest the exact opposite to what the minister claims. According to WorldAudit.com, in January 2016, Turkey is at the bottom of Democracy Ranking among OECD countries and 88th in the world. It is also 93rd country in the world in Press Freedom Rank.

Freedom House defines Turkey as ‘Partly Free’ country in 2015 Rankings. In relation to democracy, Section D Freedom of Expression and Belief points for Turkey is 8/16, while Section G Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights is 9/16. The study explains the current situation in Turkey with solid examples.

This excerpt is from Amnesty International’s Turkey 2015/2016 page, Freedom of Expression headline.

Respect for freedom of expression deteriorated. Countless unfair criminal prosecutions, including under criminal defamation and anti-terrorism laws, targeted political activists, journalists and others critical of public officials or government policy. Ordinary citizens were frequently brought before the courts for social media posts.

We offer the minister to have a look at the stats on our website, and inform himself. He can see with his own eyes if Turkey has first or fifth class democracy.

Another highly debated topic emerged with a short video clip of a 4.5 years old girl, who was praising the leader of a religious sect on a TV, while a bunch of similar aged girls were listening.

On the way to become a Middle Eastern country, religious groups do great jobs. Congratulations! If there is any kind of freedom that can be exercised to the fullest, it’s definitely the freedom to do anything that you call Islamic and get away with. This has become the norm in Turkey, and every day we see such examples more and more often.

Oh, the last item of the list is about a kitten. Yes, a kitten made to our weekly analysis. The poor cat was raped and stabbed to death in Antalya. A kitten was raped and stabbed to death. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. A kitten was raped and killed. Well, maybe you will think to yourself that it’s enough internet for today. You may be right. It might also be a good time to shut the whole country down and go back to factory settings before it is too late.

Let’s meet next week with some more bizarre news.

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