Erdogan claims nobody is forced to change their way of life in Turkey.

Erdogan giving his speech about freedom

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Turkey, recently gave a speech during a yearly convention of local neighbourhood heads. Erdogan expressed his sadness regarding the victims of the Reina terror attack, then used the platform to rant about how his administration did not interfere with anyone’s lives.

“I’ve never resorted to a way that would be regarded as an intervention into people’s way of life by using the public position I represent,” said Erdogan, and claimed that nobody’s lives were under systematic threat.

His claims fell on defiant ears however, as social media practically exploded with victims and witnesses of the oppression caused by both the ruling AKP and the leading Turk-Islam mentality spoke out. Soon, even a few media organs joined the event by forming enormous lists of the incidents where people were oppressed, beaten, raped, imprisoned or outright killed due to having different opinions or lifestyles.

Fashion designer Barbaros Sansal’s arrest due to a video he posted on social media that criticized and insulted the state of Turkey, sealed the debate.

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