Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AKP’s rule of Turkey will go down to history books, undoubtedly, as the cornerstone of Turkish politics. Since 2002, when AKP (Justice and Development Party) began to hold the reins of Turkish politics, we have seen massive changes throughout Turkey. However, nowhere in this 14 years period, people have felt more insecure, afraid, and repressed. Things have been ugly recently, but the worst hasn’t come yet.

Imagine a country where around the half of the population blindly approves anything and everything Erdogan and AKP does, and the rest of the population are literally disgusted even by the presence of them. Sadly, it has come to the point of love or leave story. Life has become unbearable for every single person in Turkey, unless they support and approve Erdogan’s way.

Systematically, secular and well-educated people in Turkey, who don’t buy Erdogan’s cheap mixture of Islamofascist and nationalist policies, have been repressed over the years. Journalists, students, high ranked officers, academicians, free thinkers have been jailed for who they are. Big scale prosecutions have been opened on false evidence. People have been stuck in jail for years, and they were later released, as if nothing had happened.

Rule of democracy, justice, freedom of speech, free media are all history in Turkey, where state and government are mingled, and nobody knows which one is which. Erdogan’s absolute control over the country and his polarisation of people have brought Turkey to the edge of the cliff, and there is nothing stopping Erdogan from driving Turkey to a catastrophe. Once a relatively secular and democratic country is on a fast transformation to becoming one of the Middle Eastern countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt that were once prosperous, stable but now a virtual war zone.

Secular, well-educated, enlightened people of Turkey are afraid. They are losing hope. They are scared and they know there is no place for them in Erdogan’s Turkey. They are not welcome in their homeland anymore. Most of them have lost their hope for the future. Now, they are worried for their children, and looking for an exit. Many of them have already left the country to seek a better life elsewhere. A lot more of them are looking for ways to escape Turkey. Even though the life standards may be lower elsewhere, they prefer those lives, as for them.

These days when the only thing that matters is what Erdogan wishes, masses are intimidated. They are afraid of being jailed for their opinions. Many people are careful when they post anything on their social media accounts. Many of them delete their profiles. They are careful when they chat with their on their mobile phone applications. You may think that’s excessive, but can you blame them? While people are arrested by their Facebook and Twitter posts, it’s quite understandable that people are afraid and worried. It is a worrisome fact that more and more people are on the verge of becoming paranoids by what they go through.

They don’t feel secure, even when they walk on the street. Women are flykicked on buses, as they wear shorts and they can get away with what they do. They are harassed, raped and nothing is done about them. While spreading Islamic teachings, demonstrations demanding Sharia law, ISIS organizing trainings for their members are more than welcome in Turkey, protesting the government, the state and Erdogan have become mere taboos, and you will regret it instantly. Police brutality is unfortunately a fact in today’s Turkey.

Newspapers, journals, news agencies are shut down, while politicians, journalists, caricaturists are jailed for their opinions. It’s an everlasting chaos and torment for anti-Erdogan groups and individuals. LGBT’s, Kurdish people, secular people, minorities, atheists, free thinkers, other religious groups, in short any group or individuals who are not clear supporters of Erdogan’s regime are potential threat and terrorist in Turkey. As unbelievable as it may sound, the horrific reality of today’s Turkey is much more chaotic than words can tell.

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