Explosion in Kayseri leaves 14 dead and another 56 injured

The wreckage after the Kayseri explosion

There was another suicide attack in Turkey this morning, again committed with a car carrying explosives. This time, the target was a public bus near Erciyes University in Kayseri, which mostly carried soldiers with civilian outfit on their leave, from the 1st Commando Brigade. 14 people died in the explosion, and 56 injured, most of which were civilians with 13 in critical condition.

PKK is hinted to be behind the attack by state officials, with TAK being a second suspect.

As usual, both local and international officials condemned the attack; but this being the 18th suicide bombing in 2016, protests again started to pour in related to this “condemnation” policy, with social modia flooding with viral posts asking AKP to do more than just condemn the attacks. There were also protests in the Cumhuriyet Square (where a national security meeting was held), where people with Turkish flags asked for the death penalty to return, and cursed PKK. After that, up to a thousand people marched on the streets of Kayseri, with some throwing stones at the Pro-Kurdish HDP’s headquarters.

We will continue to report if any significant developments take place.

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