Explosions in Istanbul kill 38 and leaves another 155 injured

Explosion in Besiktas, Istanbul

38 people were killed and another 155 were injured last night in suicide bombings near the Vodafone Arena (the soccer field of the sports club Besiktas SK) and in Macka Park in Besiktas, Istanbul.

The terrorist organization TAK (an off-shoot of PKK) claimed responsibility for the attack, and it was reported that the bomb (300 kilograms of explosives) was transported and detonated in a car, in usual PKK fashion. Another suicide bomber attacked Macka Park 45 seconds after the first explosion, killing the officers that tried to stop him.

30 of those killed were policemen, and the rest were civilians, said Suleyman Soylu, Minister of Internal Affairs. President Erdogan, Prime Minister Yildirim, heads of the opposition parties Kemal Kilicdaroglu and Devlet Bahceli, as well as Istanbul Police Department and Turkish Armed Forces, all persons of political influence and state institutions have so far formally commented on and condemned the attack. Condemnations from international figures and offices are still pouring.

We will continue to report on any significant developments.

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