Governor of Kilis: I am not a superman. I cannot prevent missiles from hitting Kilis

governor of kilis

CHP (Republican People’s Party) parliamentarians who were examining Kilis, a city in Turkey close to Syria border, organized a press conference regarding the ongoing issues in the region. During their statement, CHP members also reacted to the recent statements of Kilis Governor.

Zeynep Altiok, a CHP parliamentarian, stated that people in Kilis are afraid and in panic. She remarked as:

“The governor states that they can take measures against missiles only by making announcements and he is not a superman; so, he cannot prevent them from hitting Kilis. Moreover, as he visited the injured people at hospital from these misses, he made a nonsense statement by saying as “Missiles may hit us as well. That’s why we shouldn’t go out without praying.” Kilis is experiencing dangerous times and government and representative of the states hide information. Citizens share their fear and insecurity despite the governorship’s claims that Turkish and Syrian live in harmony, and there are appropriate education and accommodation services. Immediately, the situation here should be defined in terms of terrorism and natural disaster.”

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