Guy reports his ex-girlfriend to the police as a terrorist after she refuses to marry him

The guy who pressed charges of terrorism against his ex-girlfriend

Erdogan K., who works as a court clerk in the Germencik district of Aydin, allegedy reported his ex-girlfriend to the polise with the charge of being a member of the terrorist organization FETO/PDY.

Last week, Erdogan proposed to his ex-girlfriend, Kubra E., who refused the offer. Erdogan, mad about the rejection, blamed her friend M.S for it, and reported both to the police for being terrorists. Both Kubra and M.S are expected to give a testimony due to the procedure.

Kubra explained that Erdogan has been threatening both her and M.S since their break-up, and that she is going to press charges. Meanwhile, M.S has been hospitalized twice since the incident, due to anxiety related to the allegations by Erdogan.

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