Guy tries to rob a store with a toy gun, gets wounded and arrested

The infamous toy gun, along with the knife

Mustafa Kurak, owner of a small grocery store (Yusuf Gida) in the city of Konya, was recently subjected to a robbery attempt with a toy gun.

Someone wearing sunglasses and a hood entered his store and immediately pointed a toy gun (worth 1 Turkish Lira) to his face, demanding all the cash in the register. Kurak claims that he thought it was a joke at first; but when he realized that the threat was genuine, he attempted to wrestle the gun away from the robber. After witnessing the gun break and recognizing it as just a cheap toy, Kurak reached for his knife to strike back. This time, the robber tried to unarm his opponent; but failed to respect the basic principle that holding the sharp edge of a blade will likely result in a painful injury. He ran away with a knife wound on his left hand.

Police forces from the Extortion Department checked the surveillance footage from the surrounding area for a suspicious individual with an injured left hand. The robber was quickly identified as the 23 years old Tahir Duzkaya, who had a criminal record from multiple offenses. He admitted to the crime shortly after being detained, and defended himself by saying that he did it because he needed the money. Duzkaya was arrested by the court.

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