High school students set up barricades in front of classrooms

students barricade classrooms

In Duzce’s Akcakoca Municipality, a city in Black Sea Region of Turkey, Social Studies High School students set up barricades in front of classrooms to protest the conversion of their school to Religious Vocational High School and blocked its students from entering classrooms.

Akcakoca Anatolian Teacher High School was converted to Akcakoca Social Studies High School in 2014. However, as 675 Religious Vocational Secondary and High School Students also received education in the same building, the school was turned to Girls Religious Vocational High School. Except for 90 senior students of Social Studies High School students, 200 others were transferred to Barbaros Anatolian High School. 90 students stayed at the same school so that their motivation would not be disturbed, since they were supposed to take university entrance exam at the end of the education year.

However, the students who were transferred to Barbaros Anatolian High School protested the decision and they gathered in front of the school with their parents. After Religious Vocational High School students finished their make up exams and went out to schoolyard, Social Studies High School students went inside the building and they put school desks in front of classrooms to prevent entrance to classrooms.

District Mayor Mehmet Ozer was informed of the incident and he went to the school to persuade students and their parents to stop their protests. At the school, District Mayor told parents that what students did was undemocratic and they needed to stop the protest. One of the protesting students Yasemin Coskun stated as “I guided my child to study here, as I believe Social Studies High School is safe. Now, they are sending us away. The other is at a far location. I will have to pick my child up myself from there. Due to the continuation of the protests of students and parents, Religious Vocational High were sent back to their homes. Afterwards, students and parents ended their parents.



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