Iranian refugee in Turkey stitches his eyes, his mouth and ears to protest UN

Iranian refugee stitches his eyes and mouth

48 years old Iranian refugee Gholam Reza Shirdam, who resides in Nigde, a city in central Turkey, stitched his eyes after he stitched his mouth and ears to protest UN High Commissioner for Refugees, as they haven’t approved his reuniting with his wife and children in Germany.

Gholam Reza Shirdam escaped from Iranian regime and took refuge in Turkey in 2009 and he gained the status of official refugee from the United Nations. His wife and children were transferred to Germany after the procedures were completed. However, Immigration Administration sent him to Nigde. Iranian refugee has been trying for 7 years to reunite with his family in German; however, UN High Commissioner for Refugees repeatedly rejects him. In an attempt to make himself heard, Shirdam chose a different way. In his message to UN by media, Shirdam said, “I will stitch my other eye as well, if they don’t reply to my request.”

Shirdam stated that his only desire was to reunite with his family and he started his protests 75 days ago in order to receive a reply from UN.

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