ISIS burns 2 Turkish soldiers to death, the ruling AKP refuses to talk about it

On Thursday night, Turkish citizens’ access to social media outlets, as well as video streaming sites, were blocked by the government. The reason soon revealed itself, the terrorist organization ISIS had killed two Turkish soldiers by burning them; and a high quality propaganda record of the event was circulating around the web in an attempt to orchestrate psychological warfare.

The soldiers were identified as Sefer Tas and Fethi Sahin. Sefer was taken prisoner from his post near the Syrian border over a year ago, while reports on Fethi’s identity have been greatly conflicting.

Despite the urges from a vocal minority who managed to get online and learn, and various representatives from the opposition parties CHP and HDP, the ruling AKP has refused to comment on the event. Turkish mainstream media have also been shockingly silent, with only a few online newspapers making an attempt to report on the video. Meanwhile, Sefer’s family was contacted. His mother appeared to be in shock, and his father blamed the government for not receiving any formal information on his son’s whereabouts.

It has been claimed by some news sources that the Public Prosecutor of Ankara has issued a demand from the Turkish General Staff, MIT (National Intelligence Agency) and the Police Intelligence Bureu, to investigate if the video in question is genuine or not, and to determine if the ISIS militant in the video (who spoke perfect Turkish) was a Turkish national.

Due to the vast amount of coverage in the world media, the public knowledge of the event has been rapidly increasing, and the Ministry of the Interior is expected to make an announcement at some point.

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