Man kills his father as he doesn’t lend him money for a new car

man kills his father as he doesn't lend money

At Antalya’s Aksu Municipality, which is in Mediterranean region of Turkey, Ali Atilgan,30, killed his father Durmus Atilgan, 75, as he didn’t agree to lend money to his son for replacing his old car with a new one. Ali Atilgan killed his father by hitting his father’s head with an axe.

Ali Atilgan wanted to borrow money from his father and after he was rejected, an argument broke out between them. As the argument got heated, Ali Atilgan had a nervous breakdown and he wanted to wreck his father’s old car with an axe. As Durmus Atilgan tried to prevent his son, Ali Atilgan hit his father on his head with an axe.

The neighbours reported the incident to the police. While Durmus Atilgan lost his life before he could be taken to the hospital, Durmus Atilgan was arrested by the police.

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