A man shoots his wife twice in two years as she wants a divorce

a man shoots his wife twice

In Bursa, 40 year old Feyzi B. sprayed bullets on her 35 years old wife Semiye S. The couple got married 9 years ago by a religious marriage. The woman is reportedly in critical condition, as she was shot on her legs and knees by 6 bullets. Feyzi B. fled the area by his car.

The couple has a five years old son and the relation between the couple has deteriorated immensely for a few years now and they have had frequent fights. According to the claims, Semihe S. told her husband she wanted a divorce. On the same day, as she was on her way to work, Feyzi B. pulled his car near his wife and told her wife he would drop her to work. The couple started fighting soon after they opened the divorce issue again. Then, Feyzi B. took her wife to the road to a dam nearby and they got off the car there. While they were fighting, Feyzi B. shot her wife with his pistol 6 times. The woman immediately collapsed and the man left the crime scene by his car.

It was later revealed that he shot his wife 2 years ago and after his release from jail, he was given a penalty to stay away from their house.

After the incident, Feyzi B.’s photos emerged on social media as he was holding a kalashnikov rifle. The police are still looking for the suspect.

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