Man slits his lover’s throat as she doesn’t delete their photos

man murders his lover as she rejects to delete their photos

In Kocaeli’s Golcuk Municipality, Erdal Kaya who is on trial for murdering her deaf girlfriend Hacer Karadag as himself by slitting her throat stated that “I asked her to delete our photos from her mobile phone. I killed her, as she didn’t want to delete them.”

The trial about the murder that happened last year in October continued today. Erdal Kaya defended himself via the help of a translator. In the trial Erdal Kaya said “Hacer told me that she went to the hospital and she was pregnant. And, I told her that I didn’t believe her and it was none of my business. A day later, her husband Selcuk invited me to their house for a dinner. I went to their house. I asked Selcuk why they went to the hospital. He said he didn’t know, but the doctor prescribed some medicine. When Selcuk wasn’t around, I told Hacer that “Look, you lied to me.””

Erdal Kaya continued his statement saying:

“Hacer called me when Selcuk went to work. She threw me the keys from her balcony. I went inside their house. I told Hacer “Don’t get close to me!” I asked if she deleted the photos on her mobile phone. She said she wouldn’t delete the photos. i reacted by saying ‘You are stupid. Why are you keeping the photos?’ When I asked where the phone was, she said it was in the bedroom. I said ‘You go to bedroom. I will go to drink water and come back.’ I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and put it in my bag. I went to the bedroom and asked again where the phone was. She said she wouldn’t delete the photos. I got so angry. I said ‘I have a surprise for you. Turn your back.’ I held her head with one hand and slitted her throat. She fell down. Keys, phone, lighter and lighter gas in my bag scattered around. I couldn’t burn her down, although i thought about it. The kids were sleeping in the room. I walked away from the house leaving the outer door open.”

Erdal Kaya claimed that the crime scene was cleaned later and continued to say “After the incident, I wanted to call the police, but I thought I could go in the morning, as I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to express myself. I took Hacer’s phone with me. It had a password. I couldn’t unlock it. I crashed the phone and I threw parts of the phone in two separate bins. The next day Selcuk called me. He was crying. He said Hacer died. I went to their house. The crime scene was crowded. After the incident, I touched the wall with my bloody hand. There were stains of blood on the floor. As there was blood on my socks, I left them there. I left lighter gas there too. None of them were there. The crime scene was cleaned.

In response to the claims that the crime scene was cleaned, Selcuk Cetindag stated as “I came back home from factory at 06:00. I went to my children’s room. I saw the baby was crying and his eyes were swollen. When I went to the bedroom to see Hacer, I found out that she was murdered. The room was not in a mess. The bed was a little untidy.”

Hacer Cetindag’s father Saban Deniz felt unwell during the trial and he was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

The court decided the continuation of detention and adjourned the trial.

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