The number of Turkish citizens to take refuge in Germany triples

German immigration officers

According to the German Federal Government, the number of Turkish citizens to take refuge in Germany tripled in 2016, compared to last year. The Government was responding to a question asked by a Left Party faction.

5166 Turkish citizens, again according to the report, applied for asylum in Germany this year, and this number was only 767 in 2015. The report stated that the number of applications increased dramatically after the coupt attemt in July 15. While the number of applicants accepted as refugees was 119 in January, it spiked throughout the year, and reached 702 by November.

Immigration remains a popular subject among various communities in Turkey, the most prominent of which being college students. Small waves of Turkish student immigration regularly hit the Western world, with even Uruguay having its very tiny share due to the country becoming a meme during the Gezi protests.

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