Organ donors ask if the recipient’s “sins” are transferrred to them

The organ donation stand

Health Director of Kayseri, İsmail Kılıç, explained that the public was misinformed about organ transfer, and said, “Even though the Directorate of Religious Affairs warned them, there are still people who think that if they donated an organ, the sins the recipient may commit afterwards could be transferred to them”

Due to the Organ Donation Week, an organ donation stand was put up by the Directorate of Health in the Cumhuriyet Square, which aimed to educate the public on organ donation and to encourage them to take part. During his visit to the stand, İsmail Kılıç said that 25,361 people nationwide were waiting for an organ donation, and also mentioned that some citizens even think that if they donated their eyes, the recipient could look at the wrong things, thus committing a sin.

It has been observed that a few citizens responded to the question if they wanted to donate their organs by saying “My organs are already dead”. One diabetic woman was also noted to approach the stand to ask if it was okay for a diabetes patient to donate, only to withdraw her question immediately after learning that it wasn’t a blood donation stand.

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