Marifet Yıldırım trying to reach her home via telpher

In the town of Muradiye in Rize, a city in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, Marifet Yıldırım (67) and her co-wife Yüksel Fırtına (62), who walk with canes due to waist surgeries, reach their house with a primitive telpher (which the locals call “varangel”) that travels 100 meters above the ground, due to the lack of a proper road.

Marifet Yıldırım and her co-wife Yüksel Fırtına, who live in the Yeşildere Neighborhood in the town of Muradiye, part of the central district of Rize, are forced to walk with canes after consecutive waist surgeries that took place years ago. These women, who live in the same house, started to look for solutions after having the trouble of reaching their house (which sits on top of a hillside 800 meters away from the nearest road) through alleyways. So, they got a primitive telpher built that reaches 150 meters in length stand 100 meters above the ground to reach their house.


Marifet Yıldırım who stated that they were already having trouble walking on a normal road with a cane and that they were having immense trouble getting to their house, also expressed that the telpher was horrifyingly elevated, and said, “They should make either a road or a stable telpher for us, save us from this ordeal. We are very scared. The danger is plenty, but there is no road to travel. What should we do? I am forced to take the trip with my eyes closed.” Yüksel Fırtına, who mentioned that she had 6 waist surgeries, said, ” I can’t use the stairs. We have to use the telpher. Some of our neighbours don’t give up their land for the building of a road. It is clear what we can and can’t do, and our home is here. I pray while doing the trip. Hear our voice, help us.”

We have also learned that the husband of Marifet Yıldırım is currently being treated in the hospital.

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