President Erdogan asks people keeping US dollars under their pillows to convert them

Tayyip Erdogan, Melih Gokcek and Binali Yildirim

As a response to the currency value of the United States dollar reaching an all-time high in Turkey (3.51 Liras), the ruling AKP’s conversion policy continues.

President Erdogan commented on the issue during the opening ceremony of Otonomi, an establishment that gathers second hand automotive galleries under one roof, built on the road to Esenboga International Airport. Erdogan asked people “who kept US dollars under their pillows” to convert them into Turkish Liras, or gold.

Erdogan claimed that Turkey was 3 times richer than it was 14 years ago, and again denied any form of responsibility for the current value of the dollar. AKP maintains the position that the the value of foreign currencies skyrocketing to a record state is a direct result of both the recent elections in the US, and “sabotage by foreign powers”.

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