So, here we begin: This is our first weekly commentary on popular news about Turkey. Most of this week’s commentary (probably and sadly some other weeks to come) will be mostly about our beloved president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After all, he likes to comment on pretty much everything, any day, any time. Let’s see what he was up to last week.

President Erdogan attended 9th Eurasia Islamic Council in Istanbul last week. There, he touched upon many issues. Sorry for not discussing every one of them, as we have neither time nor energy to mention Erdogan endlessly but we will hopefully manage to highlight two things that he mentioned during his speech.

While discussing terrorism, Erdogan tried to debunk “Islamic terrorism” term, and claimed there was no such thing as Islamic terrorism. In his opinion, there is no such thing as Christian, Jewish, Atheist terrorism either.

recep tayyip erdogan

It’s quite understandable to see Erdogan defending Islam relentlessly, considering his Islamic roots, and his use of political Islam in almost all his political life. But, funny thing is that he was trying to make a point comparing Islam and atheism and getting help from Atheism to defend his views.

Ironically, Erdogan is notorious for his hate or let’s say intolerance towards any belief except for Islam, and atheism is not one of his favourite topics at all! Once (actually many other times) he even labelled atheists as terrorists.

Erdogan’s paradoxical attempt to use atheism in favour of his argument doesn’t really reflect the truth. Sad but true, in 2015 only, 2862 Islamic attacks were carried out in 53 countries. 27594 people were killed and 26141 people were injured. (See the detailed list and methodology for the study carried out) As for atheism, we didn’t have a luck finding acts of terrorism in its name. That must be hardly surprising.

Let’s leave it there and focus on the other statements of Erdogan. While he was discussing foreign relations, he attacked Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi. You know (if you still don’t know, you better get used to it) Erdogan enjoys attacking pretty much everyone, if someone is not a fan of him. The victim last week was Iraqi PM. Erdogan claimed that al-Abadi was below Erdogan’s level and he should know his place. Wow! These are harsh things to say. We don’t exactly know in what way Erdogan compared himself to al-Abadi, but if it’s in terms of education, we suggest he should think again.

haider al abadi

When we looked at Iraqi PM’s CV, we found out he studied Electrical Engineering at University of Technology in Iraq in 1975, and in 1981, he earned his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester. He seems to be pretty educated guy. Well, what about Erdogan? Hmm… We don’t want to get into hot waters by saying that he may not even have a college degree. He has some sort of vocational college education, but it’s been widely speculated that he doesn’t have a college degree, and he faked one (yes…like one from Khaosan Road in Bangkok) to become the President of Turkey.

Another news that took the internet by storm last week was Redhack’s release of Berat Albayrak’s personal e-mails. For those who don’t know Albayrak, he is the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. He is also married to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s daughter. The topics in the e-mails were controversial, mostly political and personal e-mails that stirred the pot quite a lot.

Turkish minister of economy berat albayrak

After the release of e-mails, Dropbox and Google Drive were blocked in Turkey instantly. The reason for the blockage is probably the fact that Dropbox and Google Drive were some of the media tools that were used to share his e-mails. It sounds weird, right? Blocking file storage services just because your son-in-law messed up big time… Well, if you are surprised, just remember that Turkey is pretty much bizarre news heaven, and absolutely anything is possible here. In recent years, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were blocked as well.

Moreover, this news wasn’t covered widely on the mass media; well actually not at all. We want to keep positive and think that this news didn’t make it to newspapers and TV channels only because of journalistic issues. Oh, wait! Most of the mass media is busy buttering up to Erdogan. There is no way they will publish such news on their channels. Even if they did, it would be probably about questioning the authenticity of the leaked files.

Such lickspittles have one bad habit: If any news is against Erdogan and the governing party AKP, they follow these steps by default:

1) Ignore the news
2) Ignore the news again
3) Deny the news
4) Claim that documents, videos, tapes are fake, montage
5) Blame USA, Jews, Assad, Russia, CHP, Masterminds, Shadow Government, FETO, Aliens, Atheists, PKK, and pretty much anyone and anything
6) After the documents are proved to be real, go back from number 5 to 1 this time

So, you see it’s a piece of cake!

Related to the leaked e-mails, another much spoken issue was Albayrak’s shopping list on

sex toy shopping list of turkish minister

According to screenshots, if true, he ordered a bunch of sex toys from the website, and thanks to him we were introduced to some new sex toys we never heard before.

He is known to be a proper Muslim and conservative personality; so because of that, he avoids shaking hands with ladies in Turkey. However, we witnessed before that he seemed pretty comfortable shaking hands with foreign woman.

berat albayrak shaking hands

Anyway, it is not our right to judge him or anyone else for their private lives and their choices but we could not resist commenting on him. Let’s meet again next week.

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