Six bus drivers stand trial for insulting President Erdogan on Facebook

Bus drivers face 6 years in prison for insulting president erdogan

Six bus drivers who work for Izmir Municipality face from 1.5 to 6.5 years in prison for allegedly insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and former Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu on social media.

One of the accused is claimed to share the picture of former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Facebook and the other accused are claimed to have written defamatory comments under the picture by mentioning the name of President Erdogan as well. Izmir Police Department Division of Cyber Crimes detected them and prepared a file for the court. Public prosecutor Birol Yargic who is in charge of the case took the statements of the accused who stated that they did not know what was shared on their profile page and they may have clicked on the share button accidentally and they did not think what was shared was indeed a crime. Prosecutor Birol Yargic opened a law suit against the accused by emphasizing that they have insulted the president, demanding 1.5 to 6.5 years in prison. It has been learnt that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s and former Prime Minister’s Ahmet Davutoglu’s lawyers submitted motions to take part in the case.

In the court case today, one of the accused stated and he was reading a post in Facebook which got over 200 thousand and he shared it. He continued: “I checked the comments under the post before sharing it. I couldn’t see any defamatory comment to the President or anyone else. Therefore I liked the post and shared it. I did not know it constituted a crime. I am not guilty.”

The decision is postponed till November by the court.

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