A teacher and a research assistant arrested as they protest state of emergency

teacher arrested for protesting state of emergency

in Eskisehir, a city in Central Anatolia, an English teacher Hatice Yuksel and a research assistant Nuriye Gulmen, who was discharged from her position last year, were arrested as they wanted to unfurl a banner that says “We don’t recognize state of emergency. We are marching to Ankara for job security.” and make a public statement.

Nuriye Gulmen stated in her public speech that “State of emergency is an attack on our rights and job security. We are public servants whose numbers reach 3 million people. We’ve become teachers, doctors, nurses, municipality worker, tax officer by hard work and effort. Every year, we have to fight not to lose our professions that we worked so hard for. At this point, they’ve taken all our rights one by one. Job security is next. Even before state of emergency was declared, they had already started fire, sideline, investigate and exile workers. They have only speeded up the process with state of emergency.”

The police warned Nuriye Gulmen to end her speech. Despite the warnings, Nuriye Gulmen and Hatice Yuksel continued their speech and they were arrested by the police and taken to the police station.

Nuriye Gulmen was removed from her position at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Comparative Literature Department as a Research Assistant, as she didn’t complete her M.A. degree in time. Gulmen was also arrested during the operation that the police conducted against DHKP-C organization. On the other hand, English teacher Hatice Yuksel was sidelined as she protested the arrest of 5 people including Gulmen by a sit-in protest in front of a police station. Hatice Yuksel returned to her job as she started a hunger strike, after she was sidelined.

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