Terror attack in Izmir leaves 2 dead 7 injured

The attack on Izmir courthouse

A policeman and a courthouse worker have been killed in a car bomb and shooting attack on a courthouse in Izmir.

The terrorists drove a car to the courthouse entrance, were stopped by the police and then detonated their bomb. Fethi Sekin, the policeman who recognized the car as a threat, gave chase to the two assailants that attempted to escape after the explosion, and managed to kill one; but were shot and killed by the other. It was later understood that Sekin’s proficiency at his job and heroic action saved a lot more lives, as a rocket launcher (RPG – 7), 8 rockets and 8 grenades were found on the dead terrorists.

Sekin’s killer was killed by other policemen, but one attacker managed to escape. The attack is suspected to be the work of the terrorist organization PKK.

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