Traitors Cemetery opened

traitors cemetery

Traitors Cemetery, which was formerly mentioned by the Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas, accepts its visitors.

After the military coup attempt, Traitors Cemetery in Pendik, Istanbul was opened and a signboard was placed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at the entrance. It has been reported that the first traitor to be buried in the cemetery is Captain Mehmet Karabekir.

Istanbul Mayor Topbas had spoken at Democracy Watch, organized in Avcilar to protest the coup attempt: You stood in front of tanks, cannons and barrels, and you did not let military-disguised terrorists destroy our future. You ruined all their bad intentions. Let’s make our future bright. Let’s think about the perpetuity and future of our state. One of them was buried in Traitors Cemetery. His family did not want his body and he was buried in Traitors Cemetery. Those men who betrayed this nation cannot even rest well in their graves.

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