Trustees appointed to 28 municipalities in Turkey

trustees appointed to 28 municipalities

Ministry of Interior announced that 28 mayor were replaced by a trustee in regards to the on-going investigations and prosecutions for aiding and helping PKK-KCK and FETO terror organisations. The appointments were made by a decree in law in the framework of state of emergency that was declared after the failed coup attempt in June 15.

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 24 mayors of these municipalities were relieved due to their links to PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) and the other 4 mayors for their links to FETO (Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation).

The Ministry, in their statement, stated that “It’s essential in democracy and state of law that public’s will is reflected in local administrations. However, if municipalities abuse the citizen’s votes, taxes and the opportunities that democracy provides and come under the influence of terrorist organisations, it’s states primary duty to take precautions against the ones who extort national will. Resources that are collected by citizens’ taxes and political will that is formed by their votes cannot be handed over to terrorist organisations’. There is no justification to come to power by people’s votes and abuse public’s will to commit crimes.

Naturally, no law acknowledges abusing democratic rights. It’s state’s duty to make democracy and rule of law work, and this is what public expects from the state. Unity and solidarity of the state will be re-established by public’s support, democracy, law and state that function properly.

With regards to establishing this order, resources in these municipalities will be used for the good of the public instead of terrorist organisations. In this way, the best service will be provided to the public.”

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