Turkey removes Evolution from course books

evolution will not be taught in turkey

The Minister of Education Ismet Yilmaz has announced that they are going to remove Evolution from the course books the state distributes to students.

“It is debatable if the theory is scientific or not” said Yilmaz, adding that it won’t be taught in the new semester.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Turkey, will also be taught “less”; and the coup attempt on July 15 will be included in the course books soon. Ironically, the ministry claims to be doing these changes in order to combat the legendarily low student performance.

Belief in Evolution is incredibly low in Turkey, with credible surveys usually not putting it above the %40 range. This is speculated to be related to the rampant Islamic cult activity, such as the cult of Adnan Oktar, which distributes anti-evolution books and holds Creationist conferences all over Turkey to this day.

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