Sebnem Hassanisoughi, leading actress for the movie Siyah Karga (Black Crow) which is competing in Antalya International Film Festival, said that she communicated with the mules during the production of the movie and she learnt a lot from them.

Iranian-Turkish actress Hassanisoughi emphasizes that the shooting of the movie was done in harsh physical conditions and she felt like she was watching a documentary when she watched the movie. She said: “I communicated with the mules. A mule wanted something from me, it was a weird experience. It is like the mule had a job, he knew the roads, I learnt a lot from him.”

Aydin Orak, one of the actors at the movie, emphasized that he saw mules for the first time in his life thanks to the movie. He told the media one of his experience: “When I first rode him, the mule started the leave from the film set. He did not listen to me and just left. He was galloping off and eventually he took me 2 or 3 kilometers away from the set. Colleagues at the film set saved me.”

Tease of Siyah Karge (Black Crow) can be seen below:

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