Turkish farmers hold a symbolic funeral for tomatoes

The symbolic funeral of tomatoes

Turkish fruit and vegetable producers have staged a protest to demand the removal of obstacles to the export of tomatoes, organizing a funeral on Monday in the southern province of Antalya.

A group of producers gathered in the square of wholesales market of Antalya municipality, holding aloft banners and chanting slogans. A symbolic funeral prayer was also performed by a former Mayor of Aksu district, İsa Yıldırım, behind a coffin filled with tomatoes.

Yıldırım, who was dressed like an imam, said they would not give their blessings to Turkish lawmakers who have failed to find a solution to their plight.

The head of the Chamber of Agriculture in Antalya, Nazif Alp, said the situation was no longer bearable.

Turkey’s export of agricultural products has been severely damaged since the plane crisis with Russia. The Russian market remains closed to most Turkish goods.

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