Turkish Grand National Assembly is currently in the process of increasing Erdogan’s power

Presidentship talks in the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Turkish Grand National Assembly is at the moment debating and voting on a proposal to change the constitution. If the proposal succeeds, it will pave the way for a regime change into a “Turkish style presidentship” for Erdogan.

In the current democratic model, the President of Turkey is limited in that only the elected party or coalition can form the ministerial cabinet. The president’s legal capabilities of intervention in democratic processes are largely symbolic, and cannot be exercised in a scale that matters. The Grand National Assembly and the President of Turkey exist based on the principle of the division of power, and are meant to keep each other in check.

However, if the voting succeeds, the “Turkish style president” will be in charge of appointing the ministerial cabinet as well as being allowed to disband the assembly and rule alone, among other significant changes. The prime minister Binali Yildirim tried to explain their thought process by likening the Republic of Turkey to a ship, and saying that two captains would inevitably sink it.

AKP needs the support of the nationalist Turko-Islam party MHP in order to get the proposal passed. So far, MHP looks to be in favor of Erdogan becoming the “new” president. All arrows (including the record high 3.77 Liras exchange rate for the US Dollar) seem to point at Turkey devolving into a simple and broken dictatorship.

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