Turkish nationals cyber-bully British teenager who formerly exposed a pervert

turkish nationals cyberbully british teenager

Last week, the news emerged that a Turkish national S.T., who is a police officer, sexually harassed a British teenager Abby Marry,19, on Facebook, although she stated she was 16 to see if he would stop assaulting her. However, the man continued harassing Abby Marry and even invited her to Turkey to get married. The incident caused a big reaction in Turkish public and S.T. was reportedly laid off from his duty temporarily.

Aftermath the outbreak of the incident, some Turkish nationals cyberbullied Abby Marry on her Facebook account, basically to blame her for what happened to S.T.

One of the users blamed her for not blocking the user and she actually enjoyed seeing S.T. naked, but then she got bored or couldn’t get what she wanted and exposed him on Facebook. He also added that she was not innocent judging from her photos on her personal account.

Another user insulted her by calling her a 19 year old slut and said she didn’t know Turkish people at all.

The other user called Abby a slut, and later blamed her for not blocking the Turkish police, although she was disturbed by him. He said she wasn’t innocent at all judging from her photos and her friends on her profile and warned her to stay away from Turks.

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