Turkish president Erdogan: There is no Atheist terrorism

turkish president erdogan: there is no atheist terrorism

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the 9th Istanbul Euroasia Islamic Council held at Dolmabahce Palace today. During his speech, Erdogan mentioned various issues at the organization. A part of Erdogan’s speech was about terrorism.

Erdogan stated that communities that belong to different religious groups may be the victim of terrorism in the world. He said, “If a perpetrator is Muslim, it is called ‘Islamic terrorism’. However, if a perpetrator belongs to another religion, this action is not classified even as terrorism. Have you ever heard anything named Christian terrorism, Judaic terrorism, Jewish terrorism, and Atheist terrorism, if a person doesn’t have any belief atheist terrorism? You cannot, because if a perpetrator is Muslim, then he/she is named as a terrorist. This is an effort by European countries in an attempt to match Islam and terror concepts, and group them together. Press is not innocent about it at all. Politicians are not innocent at all. As Muslim community, as Muslims, as men of God and politicians representing Islam, the biggest responsibility is ours.”


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