UFO excitement in Bodrum

UFO sighting in Turkey

Two bright lights over the coastal city of Bodrum, located on southwestern Turkey, created excitement among the local folks with the claim that they were UFOs.

40-year-old Accountant Oya Ozturk took pictures of the lights with her cell phone. She said: “Together with my friend, we were really surprised when we saw very bright object that appeared out of nowhere on the sky. I immediately took the video and pictures. We also realized that other lights were coming out of this bright light. It was turning around and turning off and on the light. We sent these information to Haktan Akdogan who is the President of Sirius Space Sciences Research Center in Turkey and he confirmed it was UFO. Previously in 2014, I took a picture of another UFO sighting and it was published on newspapers. Experts confirmed at that time as well that the picture was showing the UFO.”

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