Woman beaten on the street by two men as she rejects to get to know them

woman beaten on the street as she rejects the offer to get to know them


In Izmir’s Bornova Municipality, Turkish language teacher Neriman G., 23, was attacked on the way back from her part time job, as she said “no” to 2 men’s offer to get to know her. Neriman G. was punched on her face and one of her eyes swell and she was left in blood. People who witnessed the incident saved Neriman G. from getting beaten more.

Young woman stated that the two men approached her on a quiet street, as she was on her way to take a taxi. She continued walking and one of the men shouted as “Nobody can say “no” to me.” and he started punching Neriman G.’s face. Neriman G. tried to resist the assault by the two men, but passers by didn’t get involved. After Neriman G. shouted for help, a couple of passers by saved her from the two men. She went to the hospital from there, as here face was covered in blood. Neriman G. reported the two men to the police and the police started an investigation.


After the incident, Neriman G. shared her experience on social media: “Look at this face carefully. This happened just because I said “no” to the people who wanted to get to know me on the street. Moreover, there were people around. When he attacked me, nobody asked what he was doing. They seem to be watch it as if nothing happened. I grabbed his hand, but my strength wasn’t enough. Is this manliness? What kind of a country Turkey has become? My female friends,  don’t go out alone. Don’t walk alone. Be careful.”



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