Woman buries the newborn baby alive in her father’s tomb

woman buries her baby alive

In Adana, a city in south of Turkey, university student Melek D. 22, was arrested as she reportedly buried her baby from her married boyfriend in her father’s tomb.

Melek D. gave birth to her baby in the toilet of her boyfriend’s house. The woman didn’t tell anyone about the newborn baby and buried the baby in her father’s tomb. The incident was reported to the police and they arrested the woman as she was charged with killing a 2 days old baby by burying him alive.

The woman rejected the accusations that the baby was alive when she buried him. In her statement she said, “I didn’t know Hasan (her boyfriend) was married. Strong pain started 2 days ago. At 5:00, I gave birth to a baby. The baby was dead. I kept him at home for a day, and the next day I buried him in my father’s tomb, as I wanted to keep it a secret. I didn’t kill the baby I carried in my belly for 9 months. I was quite sad with his dead.”

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