Woman fly kicked on the bus as she wears shorts

woman fly kicked on the bus as she wears shorts

In Istanbul, Aysegul Terzi, 23, was beaten on a public bus by someone she didn’t know as she was wearing shorts. The incident happened on the first day of Feast of Sacrifice, after Aysegul Terzi, who works as a nurse at a hospital, finished her night shift and was on her way home. The suspect harassed the young woman by saying “You are evil!” . Then he fly kicked the woman by getting support from hand grip bars on the bus.

As the incident happened, neither the bus driver nor the passengers reacted, while the suspect ran away and Aysegul Terzi had to go to the hospital with her own means, as nobody called an ambulance or the police. The woman reported the incident to the police and they are looking for the suspect.

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